Monday, November 24, 2014

Not enough Offensive Lineman. Too Many Injuries.

Eli is still elite. Jennings is very good. Williams is promising. Becham is earth shattering. Corey Washington should be playing to add the play making ability that Cruz and Becham have. Defense is terrible. What a disappointment. Jerry Reese has to bear the brunt of the lack of personnell. You let Canty go and you bring in those who do not do the job. Tuck wanted to stay a Giant. But the sophisticated Reese thought he knew better. Pierre Pual cannot do it all alone.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Not Eli's fault. Offensive line and timid receivers. Even the announcers said so on Sunday.

Gary Myers sounds off in the Daily News as usual Contradicting himself and not having to give an account of the numerous inconsistencies in his reporting. The luxury of a writer Bs is not just tolerated. It is encouraged. First of all no quarterback can do much without protection. Without a good offensive line a good or great quarterback becomes ordinary. One can see that with Peyton and Brees this past week. Brady lost two Superbowls to the Giants because they were able to rush him. Wilson had all day to pass yesterday. Manning has not had that luxury in a long tim. As far as the Giants wide receivers preventing interception, even the announcers said yesterday that the Giants receivers should not let interceptions occur. That is that. It is the offensive line. Not Eli

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Talent is just not there this year. Offensive line musical chairs.

Unfortunately, reporters must speculate, agitate, fulminate and gyrate about Manning having a bad year and the mis-communication with receivers. The fact is that he has gotten beat up all year and is lucky he escaped without serious injury. The Giant super bowl teams had offensive lines that had been together for years and suffered fewer injuries. Jerry Reese admits that he could have done a better job. He failed in getting linebackers and offensive lineman. He lucked out in finding Beason. Too little too late. Reese has some ex-Giants playing every day for some good teams while he is making more bad decisions. The giants ruined running back Wilson. That is on Coughlin. Great coach. Great quarterback. They need better players on the offensive line and at linebacker.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Still the Offensive Line.

When the Giants won the last two super bowls they had an offensive live that was together for many years. Not only do they not have that now, the OL that are good are injured while the rookies learn on the job. On defense the pass rush was not good until last night when they woke up. Or so it seems. Look at any quaterback and you wild see that none do well without pass protection. So cut the nonsense about Eli. The OL is not quality.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Giant's mouths got out of hand. Or more like foot in the Mouth.

The Giant players motivated the Dallas players more than their coaches could or ever did. A banged up team played well, especially defensively. They held the Giants in the red zone to field goals on their first two possessions. Yes there was a slow whistle on the Cruz fumble. But the Cowboys were very beatable and the Giants let a team without Lee and which was pummeled by the Saints, beat them. All of a sudden the defense stops blitzing and gives Romo all day to passe. Especially after McBride got hurt. Four guys stand around while Witten, the Giant's killer, sits in the end zone and easily catches Romo's pass. The Giants motivated a lousy Dallas team to play over their heads. They deserved what they got.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Four Game Winning Streak

The Giants were fortunate that Rogers was unable to play. Yet the Giant defense is showing that they can play with the best of them. This will be very important down the stretch as the Carolina Panthers are showing. With the advent of Beason, a rejuvenated Pierre-Paul with a revived Thomas with the ever reliable Rolle, the Gianst D looks formidable. Eli needs to take something from Drew Breese's book. Let your receivers make plays. Especially Randle who seems to catch anything thrown to him. The interceptions thrown by Eli are pattern problems. No need to always get fancy. Throw it to Cruz and Randle. Use the backs more. This offense needs to make plays. Not become timid. Justin Tuck is showing how he can play when he sets his mind to it.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Peyton Manning the best all time and myths about Quarterbacks.

Newspaper and television reporters wax daily about the fact that Peyton only won one superbowl and his poor playoff record. The answer is that the Colts and Denver never would have been there without him. No quarterback can win without pass protection. It is the reason Brady lost both superbowls against the Giants. Manning has been largerly without a good running back and a good defense for all of his career. There is more bs from reporters this year about Eli. The fact is the offensive line stunk in the first six games as well as the defense. Tarkenton never one a superbowl because of defense. Same for Jim Kelly. Dan Fouts did not have a defense either. Last year Denver wins if the defensive backs do not make the most fundamental of mistakes. Flacco is not the same this year without antoine beaudoin. Montana is not the same without Rice. But he mainly had great defenses. Peyton is better than Montana. No question. You also might put YA Tittle second because he never had the running back nor great defenses. The moral of the story is do not listen to reporters and commentators who constantly repeat themselves in order to come up with something to write or say. The need a pacifier to keep them in control.